Sunday, 20 February 2011


I manage a not for profit Christian mission, The seafarers center, in my job I have daily men come here from every nationality on the planet, I am many things a racist is not one, so bear that in mind when reading this post. I am dismayed at the loss of identity this country faces for the sake of "multiculturalism". I welcome others from cultures and countries where it is unbearable for them to live, through poverty, oppression whatever. What I don't welcome is when a minority of them arrive they think we should follow the same beliefs and cultures. If you come here, it is because for whatever reason your homeland didn't quite measure up. We have a culture here based on freedom of expression and what really gets under my skin is when kids can't celebrate xmas in classes, or the easter bunny just in case someone else is offended. Bad luck, you came to our country embrace OUR culture, by all means retain yours, but live as we do, not as you did before you came here. I have no problems with retaining national and religious costume, but don't dare ever make Australians feel dirty about how we dress, it is our choice the same as you. And customs and laws from other countries are just that, from other countries, leave them there

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Child "disorders" and the education system

Through facebook I have met many people whose children have learning difficulties and for want of a better word learning disorders, by and by the one common issue is the lack of support in mainstream schools, seems most either want them home educated or educated in a "special" school. Most of these children just want to go to school with their friends and family. Seems our governments can piss money up against the wall by doing up their offices or sending ridiculous amounts of money overseas but can't achieve the most basic of rights, a fair education for all


Starting a blog, who knows where it will go, what topics it will cover or what problems we can solve. You are welcome and encouraged to broach any topic here, but I will not tolerate abusive or racist behaviour. I may not agree with you, but you have your right to any opinion, as I have a right to pick a hole in it, so, welcome all